A whole lot of news and most of it involves beer.

I started brewing my own beer a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t tried any of it yet, but I’m pretty excited about it. I went with a recipe for a pale ale in similar to Bass. The whole process is pretty simple. You begin making tea, basically. You boil some water, put some grains in a bag and then toss the bag in the water and let it steep for a hour or so. Add malt and the boil for another hour or so adding hops at certain points along the way. After five days in teh fermentor you’re ready to bottle. Then it’s another ten days in the bottle. My first batch should be done by Sunday.

I also picked up a kegerator last weekend as well. It’s a converted refridgerator – a really old one with the rounded sides. I spent some time last night spray painting it black. i need to put another coat on tonight and i’m going to add a stel your face sticker to it. It should look pretty wicked.