We had a huge open house this Saturday.  It was perfect weather, 75 and sunny.  I was nominated to spend the morning that day as Mike the Knight, our mascot.  Here’s a behind the scenes glimpse.  As you can tell, my coworkers enjoyed it.


I’m starting to recruit students to be a part of a new division of our Founder’s Society (our student ambassador program). Members will blog, spend some time on Facebook, and participate in our Virtual Open Houses. Below is an overview of what the team will do and their responsibilities:

The Make Up
The Founders Society e-Team is a crack group of technology savvy Founders Society Members. Just as tour guides introduce potential students to our campus and campus life, the e-Team will do the same – in cyber space.

The group will be made up of eight individuals, plus at least one study abroad blogger. With the exception of the Study Abroad blogger, e-Team members are expected to fulfill the responsibilities listed below.


e-Team members are required to write a blog post weekly and are encouraged to do more. A happy blog is a frequently updated blog. More updates give a reader a reason to check back regularly. They don’t to be epic posts either. Long posts get dull quickly, but a couple of hundred words every few days will result in people reading the blog more often. If you can tie them in to SMC that’s great, but non SMC posts are great as well. The most important thing is the frequency of the posts. The more posts the better. Have fun with it!

e-Team will from time to time post videos to YouTube and imbed them in their blogs. These videos will provide another glimpse into the life of a Saint Michael’s College student. This is a great outlet for your creativity. Again, have fun with it and be creative!

Facebook, KnightSpace, etc.
e-Team members will monitor the Office of Admission page, any class pages, and KnightSpace. Their presence isn’t meant to be an overseer or a authority figure, rather to provide factual information when necessary and correct any misinformation posted to these sites.

Virtual Open Houses
e-Team members are required to be present and participate in all VOH’s that may occur throughout the year. These are two hour chat sessions with accepted students. They provide an opportunity for accepted students to ask questions and interact with current students without having to travel to campus.


e-Team members will be compensated in a similar fashion to Campus Tour Guides. Each significant blog posting will be compensated at the same pay rate as a campus tour. There is no limit to the amount of posts an e-Teamer may publish. As posting in a blog should take less time than an hour long tour of campus, e-Team members will also be expected to spend a variable amount of time (depending on the time of year) on the Social Networking outlets.

If you’re interested in applying, send me a brief 200 word or so essay explaining some things that you’re involved in on campus. Attach it in a Word doc and email is to amillikin@smcvt.edu. If you already have a blog, send me a link!

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We try to fight that rural reputation that Vermont has. There was a time when there were more cows than people, but those days are long gone. Burlington is a happening place with a great music scene, vibrant night life, etc. I mean, Wyclef was on campus last week!

But then there are times when you’re reminded that Vermont still can be a pretty wild place. Today was one of those days when Bullwinkle made an appearance just outside the president’s house this morning. This really never happens here. Really.

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Just a gorgeous spring day today! High 40’s, sunny, it was a perfect day to spend the lunch break outside.

I just bought a fly rod, and I really want to learn how to fly fish this summer. One of our swimmers is also an avid fly fisherman and a member of the Fly Fishing Club here at Saint Michael’s. I mentioned to him back in February that I wanted to learn how and he agreed to help me out. Total role reversal! Coach became the student and the student became the coach.

It was great. We went out on campus and cast out to a 2 liter bottle on the grass. It’s only the second time I tried to cast, and I think I’m catching on pretty quickly. There is definitely a meditative element to fly casting. For me, one of the most difficult past is to slow down. As you pull out and cast with more line, you have to slow down and there is more pause between your strokes forward and back. It goes against your instincts, or at least mine.

Rob’s a great teacher and knows a ton about fly fishing. We were out there for an hour talking about what flies to use, different casting techniques, and fly lines to use and where to find the fish. It was a great hour.

The Fly Fishing Club is heading down to Deerfield, MA in a couple weeks. I’m not sure I’ll make the trip, but Rob said there’s some great fishing right near campus. Once the water level goes down (the melting snow causes the rivers to rise pretty significantly here), we’ll be able to get out catch some trout!

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