Mass Meida vs. the Personal Experience

I’m thinking about our e-comm plan here at SMC.

Our site allows students to “personalize their experience.” They are able to check off areas of academic, athletic, and student activities that they are interested in. I can then send information and news specific to those interests.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder if this really is a good thing. I’m beginning to think that I’d be better off letting students filter on their own.

Thinking back to my experience (and I may not be typical) I applied to 3 schools with 3 different majors. I was just clueless.

I also wonder if getting news on a variety of different programs speaks to the academic quality of the institution overall? If I see that psych students and history students are getting grant money to do research, than it must be a pretty decent place academically, right?

The volume of messages isn’t overwhelming ( less than ten a month probably). Does narrowcasting make sense and how would I measure that?

I’m leaning towards no. Send it all out and let the students decide.

I’d appreciate any opinions out there.

Going big time!

ALS is going big time. As you can probably tell, I’ve totally committed to the new blog title. It took me a couple of week to test drive it, and now is official.

A couple of other random bits:

  • That little screen clip of Twitter below is proof that this tablet is useless.Wish we had Macs.
  • I can’t decide what to do re: Flickr. My pro account expires next month. I’ve gone back and forth b/n Flickr and Google’s Picasa. I just can’t decide which one I like better. Here are a couple of albums of my two stupid dogs. You decide which you like better and let me know.

Stupid Pugs

#eduweb2008 Closing Speaker

Here we go! Last one! Good thing too, my brain is full.

Karine Joly, editor of

Twitter is the star of eduweb2008 for sure.

“The Medium is the Message.” Marshall McLuhan second time i’ve seen this quote in the last two weeks.

“The conversation is killing the messenger, the message and the recipient.” Karine Joly

You can’t catch up, keep up so stop trying.

The big question is, “What is important?” This goes back to what Mark Greenfield said: “aggregate and filter.”

Conversations are the best relationship builders, but here are a lot of conversation s out there trying to build relationships.

Groundswell at least the second time this book has come up. Definite must read. (here are the damn italic gremlins again)

7 things to think about: (I forget what the title is but there are 7 of them)

  1. What can you do for them!!!!! YES!!!! This is so true and often overlooked by non-natives!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. What do you want? (GD Italcs)
  3. If you build it they will they will come. NOT TRUE! If you build it WITH them, they will come
  4. Exclusive content starters
  5. Listen, Identify, Empower – once the most active community members have been identified, they should be empowered.
  6. Call them back on their terms
  7. Meet you new bosses – The community is your new boss

They know more than you do!

Club Red @ U of Nebraska. Brad Ward says it’s sexy!

Last word:

#eduweb2008 New Media

Nicely done. Quick intro into what Datamark does, and then onto the presentation.

I’m liking this!

Rule #1 Ask for forgiveness after the fact!
I’m right on with this. Do it an deal with the consequences after the fact.

I continue to hate Blogger’s Italics issues in Firefox.

The admission staff should be on Facebook. I have mixed feelings about this and whether or not we should be totally on there. I think it depends on age. It would freak me out to see my director and/or my VP on there. I don’t think it’s worthwhile to have them on there. Just more work and no value. Young admission officers, yes. They definitely should be there.

I also feel strongly that people who are making marketing decisions regarding new media and Facebook should be on there and embedded into the culture. Otherwise they’re making decisions on a technology that they don’t understand. Blind leading the blind sort of situation. If you don’t have a Facebook profile, you don’t get a vote. There I go getting all worked up again.

I really need to blow up that useless Office of Admission Facebook page. I need to talk with ACP about creating a general page.

Yup! You can’t market on these things! I wonder how he recommends directing traffic to these things?

Pannel discussion #eduweb2008

Good morning!

Well….This is a very we developer heavy. Might be over my head.

Holy Sh**! Eric just responded to a question about video, and I thin I passed out after the first 3 words. Waaaayyyyy over my head.

Section 508. Had no idea what it was. According to Mark G. There hasn’t bee a lot case law re: this issue. This might be something to keep an eye on…..

The commercialization of higher education and higher ed marketing. Good or bad? Both I think. Not all marketing is evil.

Aggregate and filter! There are a ton of tools out there but which ones are valuable?

Totally agree. In order to understand the tech, you have to be on it playing with it. I find this hard to do sometimes when people walk by my office and see me on Facebook and Twitter, etc. they don’t get that it’s part of the job.

#eduweb2008 Admission Life Cycle

Christopher Ferguson, Dir. of Admission at Wilmington University.

Interesting. He went to a real estate company for the virtual tour.

Ning, interesting that they have it open to anyone not only accepted students. I’m not sure about how I feel about this. Get a kid who applies and then is denied…

What is Blogger’s problem with Italics? It won’t shut them off. Starting to get annoyed by it.

It’s been a long day of live blogging. Clearly, this post has not been very enlightening. Sorry, I’m fried. (::DAMN ITALCS!!!::)