Drew Millikin is a social media hang-a-rounder. After a brief stint in banking, Drew decided that education was a much better place for to hide. That brought him to his Alma matter, Saint Michael’s College. While there he worked in the Office of Admission helping to create and develop Saint Michael’s social media marketing strategy. After five years of rabble-rousing in higher education Drew decided to step down into lower-ed.

Drew began his independent school career at Groton School, where he was an upper school dorm head and the director of recent graduate relations. Using his skills learned at Saint Michael’s, he created a dynamic and successful social media assault plan for Groton. The assault plan includes students bogs, e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, uStream.tv, Flickr, and just about anything he can get his hands on.

Currently, Drew finds himself back in the 802 at Vermont Academy where he serves as Director of Admissions and Financial Aid.  In his free time, Drew enjoys skiing, snowshoeing, making beer, and, of course, drinking it. You can find him lurking on most social media sites. He has presented at NEACAC, for edsocialmedia.com, and to Groton School faculty and trustees, not to mention the random passerby.

It is rumored that Drew is a contributor to edsocialmedia.com, although few posts exist to prove this. He has offered consultation to other independent schools, event planners, anyone with a pulse, and a few without. He has been taken up on this offer twice. Someday perhaps he’ll even ask for a fee.

He writes haphazardly and, oftentimes, recklessly at here at www.drewmillikin.com posts random photos mostly of what he’s drinking that night at http://www.millikinbrewing.com. Find him on Twittter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (although continues to fail to see the point of LinkedIn).


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