I’m going to post and read all at the same time.

I’m into Part II of the Media Society book. I knew that there was consolidation going on in the media industry, but I have to say that I didn’t realize how huge these companies are until I saw the flow charts on pp 41- 43. The section on Integration and Self-Promotion is also eyeopening when describing the release of the Harry Potter movies.

Came to the section about the BBC. It immediately brought to mind a NPR segment I heard this morning. Britons have to pay a TV tax if they own one. It amounts to about $260 pounds a year. in order to prevent people from skipping out on paying the tax, the BBC just released a really creepy Orwellian ad campaign. It essentially says that we know where you live. All of your information is in our database, and we will come get you. The article is here. I’m not sure how I feel about state run media. What’s worse: state run media or conglomerated media?

Onto the article:
Have you ever ordered a burger that looked like it does in the photo? NO. You know, I hate that we have to look at this as skeptics. It seems like we should be able to take in and not have to worry about what messages advertisers are sending us. I find myself wanting to believe that a story is just a story, but I know better. Kids don’t though. Media literacy education needs to happen. I’m not sure it will happen at home so it should happen in schools.

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  1. Drew,Good question: hmmmm… state run or corprate run? I hate it when it’s a choice between two equally bad ideas! At least the Brits admit to the surveillance stuff and put it out there – would we ever see such an ad campaign here in the good ol’ USA??Suzie 🙂

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