Faculty Marketers by Dr. Greg Williams

It makes sense for both sides, administration and faculty. He’s presenting from the point of view of a graduate administrator/faculty needing to grow enrollment. I can see a lot of some parallels b/n his program and ours.

aside: (this may be a stretch for me, but I might be able to pass some of this along to our Dir. grad programs)

Going back to Mark Greenfield’s presentation: Forget about the technology. Go over your goals and answer the question: what are you looking to accomplish?

LOL!!! He’s talking about Open Houses for a Graduate Program and he’s got a huge chocolate chip cookie on the screen. This totally reminds of our Open Houses. He has a great point. What’s in it for me? Besides the free cookies.

another aside: This will be a real test for me and my understanding of Twitter. I just downloaded TwitKit (or something like that). I can see how it can be a great tool here, but I agree with Mark G. that h.s. kids are using it. I can see them not getting the point. Loopt on the other hand….

It sounds like they totally blew up their old program, changing course titles, changing curriculum, inquiry management and put a lot of their services on line. I have no idea how he got all of this done in one year…

I really need to blow up the grad site. It’s awful. There’s too much stuff and it’s all buried.

Google Adwords is number one referrer. It sounds like it has a lot of useful data that you can extract from it.

iTunes University: This would work for both the undergrad and graduate schools. I wonder if h.s. kids would look it up? I think adults might. Guess we could link it to the website, but that’s just more clutter.

YouTube: YES! Such an easy technology and ads another dimension to the website. That silly little YouTube account (SMCBloggers) has had over 1500 views in 3 months.

Ahhh, I see. It took him four years to go through this redesign. I wonder how much it cost.

Definitely focused on the career opportunities that would come out of the degree. It’s be really easy to do that with the Education program since VT pay schedule is based on education level.

All done. Foooood…..

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