#eduweb2008 Closing Speaker

Here we go! Last one! Good thing too, my brain is full.

Karine Joly, editor of www.collegewebeditor.com.

Twitter is the star of eduweb2008 for sure.

“The Medium is the Message.” Marshall McLuhan second time i’ve seen this quote in the last two weeks.

“The conversation is killing the messenger, the message and the recipient.” Karine Joly

You can’t catch up, keep up so stop trying.

The big question is, “What is important?” This goes back to what Mark Greenfield said: “aggregate and filter.”

Conversations are the best relationship builders, but here are a lot of conversation s out there trying to build relationships.

Groundswell at least the second time this book has come up. Definite must read. (here are the damn italic gremlins again)

7 things to think about: (I forget what the title is but there are 7 of them)

  1. What can you do for them!!!!! YES!!!! This is so true and often overlooked by non-natives!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. What do you want? (GD Italcs)
  3. If you build it they will they will come. NOT TRUE! If you build it WITH them, they will come
  4. Exclusive content starters
  5. Listen, Identify, Empower – once the most active community members have been identified, they should be empowered.
  6. Call them back on their terms
  7. Meet you new bosses – The community is your new boss

They know more than you do!

Club Red @ U of Nebraska. Brad Ward says it’s sexy!

Last word:

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