I’m thinking about our e-comm plan here at SMC.

Our site allows students to “personalize their experience.” They are able to check off areas of academic, athletic, and student activities that they are interested in. I can then send information and news specific to those interests.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder if this really is a good thing. I’m beginning to think that I’d be better off letting students filter on their own.

Thinking back to my experience (and I may not be typical) I applied to 3 schools with 3 different majors. I was just clueless.

I also wonder if getting news on a variety of different programs speaks to the academic quality of the institution overall? If I see that psych students and history students are getting grant money to do research, than it must be a pretty decent place academically, right?

The volume of messages isn’t overwhelming ( less than ten a month probably). Does narrowcasting make sense and how would I measure that?

I’m leaning towards no. Send it all out and let the students decide.

I’d appreciate any opinions out there.