Move In Day

Poor, poor neglected blog….

Yes readers, I’ve been neglecting you. Many apologies for that.

Today was move in day at Saint Michael’s. One of my favorite days of the year. This is when all of those students you met last September as seniors (sometimes as juniors or even sophomores) in high school show up on campus with carloads of clothes, dorm furniture and other tons of other stuff. Some parents get teary-eyed, some are beaming with pride, and I’m sure that many are wishing they were the ones about to embark on the four best years of their lives.

For me, as an alum of Saint Michael’s (2001), it also brings back many a memory. I’ll never forget pulling up to the traffic light on Route 15 and being mortified as my mother honked and waved at strange people wearing smelly, sweat laden t-shirts, blowing whistles and holding up signs that read “Welcome Home”, “You Brought Too Much Stuff”, and “Thanks for the $$$$$$”.

As soon as we pulled into the Ryan Hall parking lot we were swarmed by those same strange people in those sweaty shirts. They grabbed all of my stuff and only asked, “What room?” Freshmen, savor this. It is the only time that you will have your stuff unpacked for you.

Yes there are many fond memories from those first two days on Saint Michael’s campus. One of the first people I met on campus is still one of my best friends and I still keep in touch with many of those that I met during orientation week. There will be friendships forged in these next weeks (and next four years) that will last a lifetime.

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