It’s coming. I’ve been thinking about this post that I wrote a couple of years back. Although it’s no longer August, it still seems too early to be fall.

Looking at the calendar, I’m realizing that this it the first weekend that I’ve been in my house since the beginning of May. I’m not complaining at all. We’ve had a couple of trips, a couple of weddings and the rest have been spent upta camp with my family. In fact, if I thought I could convince Wife, I’d be up there this weekend. But being away has left a number of projects that need to get done.

The roof was looking pretty rough and Wife and I decided that we did not want to risk a Vermont winter and thaw with an iffy roof. The roofers have been working since Monday. They’re doing good work, but I’m definitely sick of the banging and commotion. It hasn’t been the quiet weekend I was hoping.

The windows sills are looking pretty rough and all need to be primed and painted. The garden needs to be pulled up. And there’s a bit of touch up work here and there that need to get done. All this and I need to hit the road in a week.

This week coming up will be a challenge no doubt. It’s the last week before I hit the road. I’ve got a huge to do list on my desk and I’ve thought of a half dozen other things I need to add to it when I get to work on Monday. Not that I’m stressed about it though.

This travel thing is getting old. I’m almost 30. I don’t see how I can be on the road for 5 or 6 weeks when I have a family. What I need to do is propose that our office create a e-communications position like others have. It will mean that I need to step it up as well and produce on the ideas that I have and am rolling out this year.

I also don’t doubt for a second that it’s the changing seasons that’s getting me in this mood. I’ve had a great summer here in Vermont and don’t want to see it go.

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