Can you say, “Gimmick”

What about, ‘slow news day’?

All this news about Tuft’s now accepting YouTube videos is a bit silly. Revolutionary?  Hell no.  Kids have been sending art portfolio’s, dvd’s, resume’s and add-on’s to their applications for years.  I remember one application from a kid who sent in some goofy glasses with the big nose and mustache.  We wouldn’t encourage them to do it as Tuft’s apparently is now, but they sent it anyways.  That doesn’t mean we looked at it.

It’s fun, I’m sure the kids enjoyed it, but will it change college admissions.

Umm no.  Chill out people.

Do the folks at Tufts really have time to watch over 1,000 YouTube videos? (BTW that’s less than 7% of their total apps.)  I wonder….

As a marketing tool, I totally agree that it’s a fun little hook. But please stop with this “It’s going to revolutionize college admissions” crap.

BTW if you google Tufts Youtube, this is what comes up first. Love it.

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