Zuck should have stayed in school, or at least taken Geography

I ran into a funny little quirk with our Facebook page yesterday afternoon. One of our Fans posted on our wall, “The Bing map on your FB page is ALL WRONG!!! ”

I first this was some sort of spam post that seem so prevalent recently, but after clicking around our page a bit, I noticed that there is a Bing map under the “Info” tab. I hadn’t paid any attention to it before, but I could clearly see that it had us in Groton, VT, not Groton, MA. The address field was correct, and I tried to move the pin to our actual location, but was told that it was to far away from the original. That’s because Groton, VT is 155 miles north of us. I tried to suppress it, but then my “Wall” went away.

@MalloryWood and @ChristineSMC replied over Twitter that the SMC Facebook page had a similar bug, moving my Alma matter a few hundred miles south from the venerable Winooski Park, VT to somewhere in the Nutmeg State.

Checking back today, we are now located in Blanchardsville, MA. This time however, I was able to suppress the map without losing my Wall.

Clearly this is a result of Mr. Zuckerberg’s dropping out of college before he had an opportunity to take Geography 101.

Has anyone else experience something funky like this? Combine this with all of the annoying Osama, embarassed girl, and other SPAM out there and I’m starting to wonder what type of shop Zuck’s running.

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