More Google+ Love

I was reminded of another reason why I’m on the Google+ bandwagon–the ability to control the content I see.

Facebook controls what I see in my news feed.  I’m sure there’s some algorithm behind it, but it drives me nuts.  My news feed isn’t populated with news from the people who I most want to hear from.  Instead, it’s a bunch of one off’s that I’m not particularly interested in.

Facebook lists may be a solution to this, but frankly, I never took the time to go through my friends and sort them.  I’ve completely forgotten how to do that now, and so it’s a lost cause.

With Google+, I’m able to control  the content I see through Circles.  Annoying people in my stream?  Peace out.  You’re now in an annoying person Circle.

That being said, there still isn’t a lot going on there, so it’s pretty boring.  I find myself checking it multiple times a day without anything changing.  If this continues, it’s really just a matter of time before this goes the way of Buzz and Wave.  That would be too bad because Google+ works.

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