I have too many jackets.

Call them coats, parka’s, rain jackets, windbreakers, pull-overs, vests, it doesn’t matter. I have too many.

By last count, I have 29.

In any given year, the temperature in New England fluctuates between -10 and 100 degrees. That’s a range of 110 degrees.

In theory, I have a piece of outerwear for ever 3.79 degrees of temperature change.

Not that I’m looking to grab a coat when it’s 100 degrees.

With that in mind, if you figure that the warmest weather in which I would need a outer layer is, let’s say, 68 degrees. I have a jacket for every 2.69 degrees.

Excessive? Or well-prepared?

Wait, there was that down parka I found on sale.

At last count I have 30…