Chapter 7

I can’t remember which part I’m supposed to read, so I’ll read this one too.

  • Everything is political. That’s what I grab from the bulk of this. If a show chooses to address a political issue then it’s obviously going to be political. If it chooses not to address a political issue, then it is being political as well. in fact, the book says, “the most non-political programs may be making the strong political statements of all.”(p 254)
  • Viewers will interpret ambiguous political message in their own way.
  • Music can have political influence as well. However, it can fade away too. Dylan used to be the anti-establishment. Now he’s selling cd’s in Starbucks. It’s proof that the music industry is interested less in the message and more in the money.
  • Cultural Imperialism – Western culture is distributed around the world, especially developing countries. Western culture can be influenced in the reverse order, but it happens on a smaller scale. Think Beatles going to India, Paul Simon going to South Africa and Tiananmen Square

2 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. Indeed, Drew -Everything IS political.We forget this at our peril.Excellent reflections here.Sounds like I better go buy an iPod Shuffle.Ha!W

  2. Drew,I think one of the problems with politics in general is that it has such a bad emotional transfer at this point, do people even want to see it or deal with it in their escapist media?Your comment on the music piece made me think of Ani Difranco… maybe the younger generation is the voice now for positive social change. Dylan sold out to the man! (he’s with Vicoria’s Secrets too – ugh!)Suzie 🙂

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