I can’t remember which part I’m supposed to read, so I’ll read this one too.

  • Everything is political. That’s what I grab from the bulk of this. If a show chooses to address a political issue then it’s obviously going to be political. If it chooses not to address a political issue, then it is being political as well. in fact, the book says, “the most non-political programs may be making the strong political statements of all.”(p 254)
  • Viewers will interpret ambiguous political message in their own way.
  • Music can have political influence as well. However, it can fade away too. Dylan used to be the anti-establishment. Now he’s selling cd’s in Starbucks. It’s proof that the music industry is interested less in the message and more in the money.
  • Cultural Imperialism – Western culture is distributed around the world, especially developing countries. Western culture can be influenced in the reverse order, but it happens on a smaller scale. Think Beatles going to India, Paul Simon going to South Africa and Tiananmen Square