Hodkinson’s article here is interesting. Clearly anti-Facebook, he looks into the money behind Facebook.

His strongest two arguments against Facebook are that all that data is being mined and sold to advertisers, and all the data available makes it much easy for orgs. like the CIA.

He really weakens his argument, by going after Thiel so hard. He clearly disagrees strongly with the guys politics and spends a ton of time in the article attacking him. He also really over simplifies the abilities of Facebook.

Sure Facebook connects people who work and live around each other, but it also connects people of great distances as well. I like to give the example that my brother lives in San Francisco, my sister in Maine, and we’re all playing a game of Scrabble on Facebook.

He seems to argue that bringing people together globally is a bad thing, but I don’t agree with him.

Hodgkinson does make the reader think by writing about the money behind Facebook, but he just comes off a little too strong for me.