#eduweb2008 E-Mail Marketing for Higher Ed

Kyle James, webmaster @ Wofford College

Consistency is key. branding should be similar to the over all branding of your site.

Wish we had a dog for a mascot.

What to send?

  • New releases (check)
  • Weekly newsletter i.e. athletics
  • Data mining blog posts
  • Promoting Website features

Good idea from Kyle: Find an alum who is already blogging about what they do and piggyback onto it.


  • Subject line (a must have)
  • Small bite sized chunks
  • link back to site
  • multiple content options
  • Pictures should ad to content but not dominate

Use Google anylitics in emails.


I’m a little grossed out by the feet on our website.

2 thoughts on “#eduweb2008 E-Mail Marketing for Higher Ed

  1. Hi, saw this and had to add something before my night ended. Check out wofford’s blogs for specific examples of how I found alumni that blogged and piggy backed on their content. Also be sure to promote them through some measure like email marketing if that makes sense, they will pay you back 100% I promise cause everyone likes to see themselves promoted. Good luck and thanx for attending the presentation! Hopefully you got something useful out out it.

  2. Kyle, Thanks for the insight. I actually just had one of my former bloggers that graduated this year ask me if she can keep blogging. I’m really excited about that (especially since she’s employed!). Thanks for presenting. Best,Drew

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