Helicopter Parents

Presenter: Stephanie Geyer – Noel-Levitz

Parents say the darnedest things. Stephanie had us read various quotes from parents about their involvement in their kid’s college search.

I don’t think this will shock anyone out there: Parents fill out forms for their students and pose as students when they can. I know we see parents on the student chats @ SMC.

Here’s an important piece, “The more parent information the better.”

Some quick numbers:

90% either have or would chat online one on one with a counselor.

87% would or have email a counselor.

Virtual Tour is huge!

Social Networking:

I wonder how many parents are on facebook, etc. I wonder if a Parent social networking site would be useful if it was directed solely at parents.

Recommendations for colleges:
More detail into curriculum requirements
Financial costs/financial aid/percentage of students receiving aid
Application status

Not surprised here. 2 of the top five web content priorities for parents are financial aid related. I worry about this and our site.

Email is not dead for parents!!!! It’s in fact the number one way to connect with parents. That’s a real bad thing for us and our CMS.

Millennials go to College, must read.

To me, parents aren’t going away. Colleges should accept that. You can’t bite the hand that feed you.

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